February 1, 2020

Good news!!

I will be starting gaming!

It will be on the same channel but if I get enough support, I will add it to a new channel!

My username is “ToyTimeAdrienne” on Roblox if you want to friend me. Most games will be Welcome To Bloxburg, Royale High, and Adopt Me.

Also, follow my PopJam! @toytimeadrienne


I’m Going to Disney World!

June 3, 2018

In August, I am going to Disney World! I’ll be sure to take video of the trip and keep you updated about it on my YouTube channel. We are going for ten days and staying at All Star music Here is a list of things I will be doing: Tusker House for Breakfast, Figment Journey through Imagination, Spaceship Earth, Soarin’,meeting the characters at restaurants,   having a great birthday, and much more. Make sure you check that out on YouTube.